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Black Matte Nail Polish is the Hot New Trend of 2014

Having a matte nail polish is becoming a new trend nowadays. This is due to the fact that most people are getting fed up with the glossy types. Although they come in a variety of colors, the toxin-free black matte nail polish (released in 2007) stands out as an excellent choice for both men and women, thanks to its less feminine finish. Previously referred to as ‘The Death Tar’, this brilliant nail polish comes in two label selections by Jason Atomic; Matte Is Murder or the Atomic Lefty. Regardless of whether you have a fascination for the modern urban style or the outdated fashions, its dramatic color will definitely bring out a different attribute in your character.

Mode of application

Unlike most nail polishes that usually present difficulties during application, black matte nail polish relieves you the burden. All you need to do is just apply a sufficient amount on your nails and let them dry. In case you have a desire for a French tip, you can always put a top coat on top of it. However care should be taken not to apply a top coat at the end as this will make it turn glossy again. Also, application should be done far away from any source of heat or flame.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

This type of polish provides you with that matte finish that helps your nail polish last longer. It features easy application, thanks to its high quality application brush. Its lovely matte black color dries up pretty quickly when compared to most types of nail polish. So you don’t have to waste much of your time applying it on. The sparkling effect gives it both depth and dimension. Additionally, its high quality certainly pays. Unlike other alternative nail polishes, it doesn’t weaken your nails, but make them even stronger. It’s tested and proven toxin-free nature proves more environment conscious as it does not pose any threats to plant and animal life.

The black matte nail polish is a great way to enhance your looks. Featuring the latest trend in nail polish, it eliminates the problems associated with wet and shiny nails. Its versatile nature also makes it an ideal choice for decorating necklaces, bracelets, among others. Easily available in online stores, it will offer you with a creative and more lasting impression. So make a point of applying it the next time you decide to go out. It will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.